Kommentarer från Georges Marquet

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Startnummer 241
Georges Marquet / Dominique Aubertin
Ecurie Val d'Or - Triumph TR6

Starten SS1
This is the first time! I drive a lot in Belgium and France.

Målet SS3
Please! Can you take the gravel away from the road. It's to slippery for me!

Målet SS7
The roads are better here, than in Belgium.

Målet SS9
Very nice roads! Here I think the historic rallydriver get ............................

Målet SS13
Maybe we make the same mistakes, but I think it was quit good.

Målet SS16
We go from 16th place to 10th place. So we are happy.

Service i Arboga
It depends on the curved roads now.

Målet SS19
We are coming back next year to win!!!


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