Kommentarer från Reinhard Hainbach

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Startnummer 22
Reinhard Hainbach / Ina Beck
ADAC - Opel Ascona A

Starten SS1
I hope it will be better than last year.

Målet SS3
Everything is ok. The weather is fine too. Not so hot now.

Målet SS7
It was ok. No major problems. We will have to see what the results will say.

Målet SS9
We just loose a few secunds. Fantastic road!

Målet SS13
This was a hell ride. I remember the stage from last year.

Målet SS16
This look not bad. I think we are happy. The road and car are perfect. So no problems at all.

Målet SS19
Enjoyed! We are really happy to come to finish without a problem.


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