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Startnummer 93
Alexander Hack / Mark Solloway
- Ford Escort RS

Målet SS1
Very slippery! Can't find any grip at all.

Målet SS3
We never do blind rally. We are allways driving with notes

Målet SS5
Nice rally, but maybe more SS-km.

Målet SS7
First stage was very slippery. This stage was one of the best!

Målet SS9
Difficult stage. Very very tricky and dangerous.

Målet SS11
This was not my day. But tomorrow we will try again.

Målet SS12
It was fifty fifty.

Målet SS16
It's slippery. Not so bad but we are happy to be in the rally.

Målet SS18
I love this rally much. A good day and good stages.

Målet SS20
Very tricky. It's unlucky to go out so near the finish. Sorry for them.

Målet SS22
Tricky stage. The other were better. But very nice rally. I hope to come back next year.